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Jason Mochache

Professor Jason Mochache who currently serves as Director of the School of Architecture and Spatial Planning at the Technical University of Kenya received both his bachelor’s degree in architecture and masters in urban and regional planning from the University of Nairobi. He undertook his Ph.D. in urban planning at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He served as lecturer, senior lecturer, and Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Nairobi, before joining the African Development Bank as senior architect and development management specialist, where he rose to Chief Architect and higher education funding specialist.

At the Bank, he developed many projects for various governments in Africa which were funded by the institution, with a focus on social infrastructure and urban planning. He was also a key actor in the development of the Bank’s funding strategy for urban development in Africa and mobilized resources from other partners for urban planning and management. Professor Mochache supported the development of human resources for physical planning in Uganda and Botswana through the funding of various bilateral and UN agencies. This enabled the countries to evolve a strong planning culture. Professor Mochache has practiced architecture and urban and regional planning and has a passion for physical and social infrastructure planning and management. He is a keen debater on the sustainability of the city and the emerging challenges of climate change. Paper Presentation on Urban Infrastructure