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Dr. Leah Oyake-Ombis

Leah Oyake-Ombis, PhD, DoB 25/12/1966, Cell Phone No. +254714040631 Director,

ALISE Consulting Group, Ngong Hills Hotel Business Suit No. 511 Part-time Lecturer at the ICCA, University of Nairobi and, Safeguards Specialist for Kenya Urban Support Program. Kenya.

Dr. Oyake-Ombis is currently providing consultancy services on a number of environmental and social issues within the East African region and more so, in the field of sanitation and solid waste management affecting the urban settings. Besides, she is part time lecturer at the University of Nairobi at the Institute of Climate Change and Adaptation. In the last four (4) years, she has been consulting for the State Department for Housing and Urban Development on environmental and social safeguards for the Affordable Housing Program and Kenya Urban Support Program in Kenya. Dr Oyake-Ombis is always looking for and robust enough to take up opportunities at different societal levels in order to utilize her expertise to leverage humanity.

Dr. Oyake-Ombis was until July 2016, the Chief Officer for Environment & Forestry at Nairobi City County where she was providing leadership and policy direction in environmental services including solid waste management, urban greenery and aesthetics, steering the City’s agenda for environmental monitoring, compliance and enforcement. Dr. Oyake-Ombis has over 20 years of experience in environmental governance, waste water management, solid waste management, urban greenery and climate change. Her current consulting activities are geared towards informing and guiding to create a difference in environmental governance and climate change while focusing on infrastructure and services within the urban space. Dr. Oyake-Ombis is also involved in research, training and policy-making processes in order to attain productivity and sustainability of world resources.

Dr. Oyake-Ombis besides being an authority in solid waste management through her PhD research (Managing Plastic Waste in Urban Kenya: Niche Innovations in Production and Recycling) (2008-2012) that was obtained from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, has developed waste management and faecal sludge management training manuals, conducted several trainings and solid waste management assessments as a consultant for the UN-Habitat in several towns of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. In 2017, she developed training manuals on sanitation and solid waste for the city of Monrovia-Liberia. In addition, she has conducted a number of assessments of other development projects focusing on environment, socio and economic domains. Dr. Oyake-Ombis is a Ford Foundation Fellow and it is through the International Fellowship Program of the Foundation that she obtained her PhD. Besides, she also obtained a World Bank Scholarship for her Masters of Science Degree in water pollution focusing on rivers traversing the City of Nairobi.

Dr. Oyake-Ombis has severally been a guest speaker on forums of sanitation and waste management in African cities, Universities and schools. She is a registered lead environmental impact assessment and audit expert registered with the National Environment Management Authority of Kenya.